Diamonds are found with a range of colors, from faint yellow or brown through to the very rare pinks, blues, greens and other colors known as “fancies.” However, the best color for a diamond is no color. It is a totally colorless diamond that allows white light to pass effortlessly through it and be dispersed as rainbows of color. The color grading scale ranges from highest to lowest are as follows: Totally colorless (D-F), Near Colorless (G-J), Faint Yellow (K-M), Very light yellow (N-R), and light yellow (S-Z).

Color D E FD: Absolutely colorless. The highest color grade, which is extremely rare.

E: Colorless. Only minute traces of color can be detected by an expert gemologist. A rare diamond.

F: Colorless. Slight color detected by an expert gemologist, but still considered a “colorless” grade. A high-quality diamond.

Color G HG-H: Near-colorless. Color noticeable when compared to diamonds of better grades, but these grades offer excellent value.

Color I JI-J: Near-colorless. Color slightly detectable. An excellent value.

Color K MK-M: Faint Yellow. Color detectable.

Color N ZN-R:Very light yellow. Color very detectable. We do not carry at Ciccarelli Jewelers.

S-Z: Light Yellow. Color extremely detectable. We do not carry at Ciccarelli Jewelers.

Diamonds graded better than J are colorless or near-colorless, which means that their color is typically undetectable to the unaided eye. The color in diamonds graded K-Z detracts from the beauty of a diamond. It’s especially noticeable set in platinum or white gold.